About me

In the past 25 years I’ve been a professional dancer; actress; choreographer; television host, production coordinator; teaching artist, project captain; documentary researcher; tour manager; a music, theater, and film publicist; a music concert and theater producer; an adjunct lecturer; and a director of communications for a community college in the South Bronx. 

I’m a creative soul, a Jane-of-all-trades with prowess. I master several trades in numerous fields thanks to long years of relentless industry. Production creation and delivery coordination is what I love doing.

My experience in the performing arts, production, and media and communications extends to both the profit and nonprofit sector. I’ve worked in community centers, educational institutions, historic concert halls, museums, parks, prisons, stadiums, sound stages, and large and small theaters; as well as with, emerging, established, and renowned figures.

I presently consult for a variety of clients in the arts and entertainment field under my own company, Marmara House Projects.

Professionals that have influenced me: Steve Beeman, Henry Cardenas, Ana Carrión-Silva, Hope Clark, Alvan Colón-Lespier, Miriam Colón, Ben Fine, Angie García, Sandra Guzmán, Blanca Lassalle, Arnaldo J. López, David Maldonado, Dolly Martínez, Gary Meister, Jorge Merced, Kim Neal Mayes, John O’Neal, Danny Rivera, Félix Matos Rodríguez, Murray Mednick, Ralph Mercado, Lisa Oropeza, Janice Roland, Rosalba Rolón, Ron Short, Vivian Sorenson, Elizabeth Streb, Paloma Suau, Ned Sublett, Shannon Treusch, Norbert Weisser, Paul Winter, and Shiu-Chin Yu.

My name, Soldanela, is the Spanish translation of edelweiss.